My work is the result of the search for a chink in our façade, the little respites of actual thoughts and feelings that are accentuated by a burst of honesty.  These truths are often an inner commentary that contains personal affirmations, lamenting, failed goals, and miscued comebacks.  It is a clear glimpse of a person’s substance without the muddiness of overcompensation.  Albeit rare and fleeting, these truthful moments are used as a tool for coping with THE UNPLEASANTRIES OF LIFE WHILE STAYING FOCUSED ON WHAT IS MOST IMPORTANT IN ONE"S LIFE.

The exploration of this phenomenon has been in conjunction with what I consider to be machismo-related objects.  Even through these items are mass-produced, they each contain character through age, use, and presentation.  By juxtaposing these momentary truths against images of these parts and machines, I create allegories that document the search for identity and worth within the submission to an implied stereotype.